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Understand weight gainer stories and the reasons for being overweight

Today, obesity is no longer perceived as an aesthetic problem, but rather a threat to collective well-being.
Several hormonal, metabolic, psychological, cultural and behavioral factors promote fat accumulation and weight gain, making obesity a multifactorial disease.
This scourge has reached alarming proportions over the past 30 years, in fact, according to a study conducted by the “Novonordisk” laboratory, we have gone from 105 million obese people in 1975 to 650 million obese people in 2016.
Being extremely costly economically, the disease of obesity is also a danger in terms of individual and societal health.
A general mobilization has emerged to thwart this disease which has become a major public health problem in all countries without exception, and a brake on psychological well-being.
In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as other national and international medical institutions have gone so far as to call it an epidemic.


How do we become obese?

We speak of weight gainer stories when a body stores excess fat. This storage is due to an imbalance between excessive food in terms of calories, in addition to insufficient physical effort.
The calorie is defined as a unit of measurement of energy. Indeed, all foods provide energy to the human body, measured by calories.
Each physical activity burns a specific number of calories. In this regard, a person who walks for an hour systematically expends energy and therefore automatically calories.
In addition, excessive consumption of fat or even sugary or alcoholic beverages is qualified as excessive food in terms of calories.
In addition, snacks and snacks have an excessive contribution in terms of calories for the body, as well as foods taken during times of stress or emotional shock.
Also, putting an end to a severe diet generally triggers an excessive consumption of calories in a very short period of time.

Other factors promote weight gain, including meals in front of the television or the computer, or the elimination of breakfast or lunch.
It goes without saying that a poor diet automatically causes weight gain. Therefore, it is essential to bring diversity to the diet, following the recommendations of dieticians and doctors to the letter
. Physical activity is essential for human beings to maintain good health. Indeed, the regular practice of a sport helps to protect against obesity.
Many bad habits need to be eradicated from our daily lives, including the excessive use of the car and this tendency to seek ease in travel.
It should be noted that a sedentary lifestyle has only increased the risk of obesity, and therefore necessarily of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
We must not neglect the genetic role in the development of certain types of obesity. Indeed, a child born to two obese parents tends to gain weight easily, unlike a child born to parents of normal weight.

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